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In order to fulfil the organic law 15/1999 of the 13th of December regarding the protection of personal details we inform that:

1. The owner and responsible of this web-site is Montajes Pedro SL with social address in Poligono Industrial Guarnizo Par.220, Guarnizo (Cantabria)

2. When someone enters the web site, the server obtains generic information for statistics purposes, like IP address, date and hours, downloaded files and navigator version.

3. In the case that the customer fulfils wilfully any of the forms in the web-site, this ones could be stocked in a database property of Montajes Pedro SL

4. If the user does not oppose explicitly, the data proportionated can be use to send information about MP

5. MP has adopted measures to maintain the confidentiality of all the obtained data from his customers, nevertheless customers must assume that any measure is unbreakable and that we can not guarantee that third persons could obtain illegitimately and illegally data, against the ones we will act with all the legal measures.

6. This data will not be share with companies that not belong to the group, except in the situations of postal delivery or transport.

7. In accord with the prevailing legislation, all the persons implied have the right of access, rectification or cancellation of their data as well as declaring their will of not receiving any information.

To exercise this rights the consignee may apply by certificate mail to the company.