Our fabrications can be complemented with different types of surface treatment or surface finishing. We apply these treatments under previous definition of the client and adapting to their needs or based on our own criteria always covering the client’s needs.

Surface treatment or surface finishing is defined as the set of different processes that give the manufactured metallic element a certain appearance or durability.

Surface treatments can consist of hot-dip galvanizing, plating, pre-preparation of the surface by shot blasting or pickling, painting, temporary surface protection or permanent surface protection. It is possible to use or apply individually or in combination different surface treatment processes to give our products aesthetics and/or durability.

We build componentsThe company has a wide range of products, subcomponents, elements or kits, for final products, production processes, maintenance, industrial tooling, construction, etc. Also main or secondary metallic structures for industry or construction.

These will normally be single assemblies or initial prototypes that require a medium-high level of quality, where the customer needs to be sure that all their specifications are met and demonstrable.


Production industry and industrial engineering.


We have ISO 9001 quality management certifications. supplemented to meet the criteria of 10 CFR 50 App B and ASME Section III Subsection NCA-3125 and NCA-4110(a). Subcontracted Services.
ISO 3834-2
quality of welding processes.
UNE-EN 1090 factory production control and CE marking.

We are technically capable of executing metallic structures in classes EXC 1, 2, 3 and 4 , being able, where appropriate, to carry out CE marking.


The “works control records sheet” included in the ISO 9001-2015 quality system indicates the type of inspection, frequency and incidents arising in the works, these parameters will be different in each work to be carried out, and may be supplemented by external audits in cases where required.

In the inspection points plan (IPP) of the work included in the quality system as required or for productions subject to UNE-EN 1090, indicates the type of inspection, frequency and incidents arising in the works, these parameters will be different in each work to be carried out, and may be supplemented by external audits where necessary.


MONTAJES PEDRO SL has several externally approved welding procedures, as well as welders qualified in these procedures. Specific procedures are also performed on demand.


-Equipment assets. (Industrial installations or machines)

– Steel structures for industrial buildings.
– Structural components of industrial installations or machines.
– Auxiliary elements such as stairs or handrails.
-Light or medium duty boilermaking, hoppers, ducts, containers, etc.
Welded and machined mechanical assemblies.
Materials:Carbon steel, we also manufacture elements in stainless steel and welded aluminum.
Finishing of our products:
We offer: shot blasting, priming, metallizing, galvanizing and painting.


Our work is applicable to any industrial or construction sector.

INDUSTRY: Steel and its additives, nuclear, pharmaceutical, construction products, railway and shipbuilding, cement, chemical, petrochemical, paper, mining, livestock, agriculture, food, automotive, etc.


2,000m2 of manufacturing facilities and 216m2 of office space.

Communication for transportation:
Factory perfectly communicated by road, port, railroad, and even airport.

Company structure:
Management .
– Technical-commercial department .
– Technical office: Composed of engineers and draughtsmen, who use calculation and design programs such as CYPE, TECLA, CAD, SOLIDWORKS, etc.
– Production Department: qualified operators.
-Quality department.
-International welding coordinator.

Productive Capacity:

* Lifting capacity of 15 tons with overhead cranes and unlimited lifting capacity with mobile cranes.
* Cutting with automatic and semi-automatic band saws.
* Oxycutting and plasma cutting table.
* Drilling table for profiles and sheet metal.
* Punching, shearing and bending of sheet metal.
* Tube and profile bending machines.
* Welding equipment.
* Approved procedures in different types of welding.
* Qualified personnel with homologation in the different procedures.

In an adjacent facility with 1000m2 of manufacturing area, we have machinery and tools for machining.

  • CMZ TBI 520 lathe with 450mm diameter and 1m between points.
  • Chevalier lathe of 4m between points, with turning capacity 1.000mm, for pieces up to 4.000kgs.
  • Gemini lathe with 5m between points, for parts up to 6.000kgs.
  • Heller lathe of 6m between points, with turning capacity 2.000mm, for parts up to 15.000kgs.
  • Amutio-Cazeneuve HB575 and HB725 lathes with a capacity of 1,000 – 1,500mm between points.
  • Lathe Gurutzpe GL 13.12.6 of 6m between points, with turning capacity 1.500mm, for pieces up to 12.000kgs.
  • MTE BF3200 milling machine with 3,000mm in X axis, 1,200mm in Y axis, and 1,500mm in Z axis, for parts up to 12,000kgs.
  • MTE K25 milling machine with 2,000-2,500mm in X axis, 1,000mm in Y axis, and 1,100mm in Z axis, for parts up to 6,000kgs.
  • CME FS-1 milling machine with 1.500mm in X axis, 1.000mm in Y axis, and 1.000mm in Z axis, for parts up to 4.000kgs.

Possibility of outsourcing large machining operations.


  • High capacity to adapt to new challenges of our clients.
  • Great capacity for change in the face of new types of work.
  • Strict compliance with deadlines and technical requirements.

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