1) MP is the trademark of Montajes Pedro, S.L. Located in Guarnizo-Cantabria – Spain.

2) We are specialized in the manufacture of mechanic-welded assemblies in boilermaking and structures, for construction sites and industry.

3) Our main goal is to please our customers and we work according to their needs.

We offer:

-Manufacture according to customer’s specifications.

– Design.
– Calculation.
– We make plans prior to manufacturing and quality dossier.

4) Our products are unique or initial prototypes that require a medium-high level of quality, where it is necessary to be sure that all specifications are met and traceable.

We provide service in:

– Production.
– Maintenance.
– Industrial tooling.
– Secondary and structural steel structures and industrial buildings.

We have ISO 9001-2015 quality management certifications. supplemented to meet the criteria of 10 CFR 50 App B and ASME Section III Subsection NCA-3125 and NCA-4110(a). Subcontracted Services.

We are also certified in ISO-14001, EN-ISO 3834-2, UNE-EN 1090-1 EXC 1-2-3 Y 4 to execute metallic structures with CE marking in the maximum requirement of the standard,


Polígono de Guarnizo P220, 39611 Guarnizo - Cantabria - Spain



+34 942 558955